• Parking Universal administered
    Parking spaces
    Tolls spaces
    via text messages (SMS)
  • Simple for the User:
    sector and looking for a park
    sends an SMS
    receive confirmation
  • Simple for the operator:
    real time monitoring
    price parameterization
    per vehicle, area, times
  • multiple applications:
    parking and tolls
    for direct payment and courtesy
    differentiation between residents and temporary
We are a company that provides parking spaces and tolls management services of global reach, with the most flexible system in the world.
instrucción sms
With a single button you can start and finish a parking or toll pass, using the method of payment through SMS instruction, now in force for all technologies.
By using an application, it ensures that 100% of mobile phone users, can use it safely.
PU, Parking Unit
It is a method to measure space-time called UP (Parking Unit) is equivalent to 1 minute stay.