About Us / Our Vision

We deeply believe that the traffic in the world is changing, this change is caused by the growth in the number of circulating vehicles, the lack of order caused by the lack of parking spaces as well of resources to control it, and it is with this vision that we created a tool with which we can potentially help to sort the traffic organizing parking lots, generate financial resources and employment where today there isnt and to take control of those areas in which they may be charged but nowadays some of them are used by third parties for their own benefit.

Having updated the parking allows to generate future preferential services and forget about the fines.

In addition, it is an ecological system since it contributes to sustainability, considering significantly reducing the use of paper.

All these factors make both inspectors as well as users improve their experience when it comes to parking.

We also believe in automatic affiliation not to receive fines the first time you park, replacing the fine for experience and learning process and the adherence to the system.

We invite drivers to join and thus achieve that you are joining to this virtuous circuit of no penalty.