Solutions / Services

Our solutions enable operators to offer a unique service and provide users a new non-traumatic experience, easier and that would save users time when it comes to parking in different areas, such as:

  • Public
  • Municipal
  • Airports, railway stations and bus terminals
  • Private
  • Corporate
  • Hospitals
  • Entertainment
  • Events
  • Building properties and apartment blocks
  • Marines
  • Yacht Club

By reducing operational costs and using the system of national and international clearing, when parking in cities where there are is UP system running (units of parking), the same system may find other parking rules but it will allow the user to park no matter what, in all the cities where we operate in the world we use a new method of unique charging for balance according to where you are located,

why?, Why? Because by doing this as a unique charge you will only need to register once for each phone at use, i.e, if you travel abroad you will have the option to add other mobile to your account.

We offer solutions to operate fixed and dynamic areas only defining the place per acre, by the meter, by type of vehicle, per event or with different rates, for this reason we can operate on any type of venue as well as tolls with barriers or with position detectors, also we can adapt the technology to any kind of parking including those requirring authorization or are complimentary pay, such as:

  • Residents
  • Municipal
  • Wounded or motor difficulties
  • Tourist
  • Trade’s courtesy
  • Forces (armed, security, etc.)

Some lots will be paid by the municipality or social work or by traders.